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Dear Foley Middle School Family,

We at Foley Middle School are committed to creating and sustaining a respectful, responsible, and safe school community. It has come to the attention of Foley Middle School’s administration that some students have participated in planned and organized “30 second fights” (also called “going for 30”) while at school.  Some students are spectators and video these “30 seconds”. 

As the exposure to social media increases, students need our support navigating through inappropriate suggested “challenges” that they view on the internet (ex. The Tide Pod Challenge, The Cinnamon Challenge, etc). Today, we are asking for your partnership in helping us by holding conversations with your child about these unsafe actions. Fighting is not tolerated at Foley Middle School and disciplinary action will be taken.  This includes filming and/or distributing footage of this behavior. We are asking for your assistance in reinforcing these expectations with your child, as well as discussing how to respond if your child should hear, read online, or see any behavior that is not becoming of a student at Foley Middle School. We must all remain committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all students in our school community.

As always, our primary concern is the health, safety, and well-being of our students at all times. We continue to be committed to sharing important information with families as we are made aware of concerns that affect middle school students. Thank you for your continued support and for discussing these important matters with your child.

Foley Middle will be conducting Scoliosis Screening March 29.  Consent forms were sent home Tuesday. The nurse MUST have the signed consent form for your child to be screened.  If we do not have the signed consent form, they will not be screened.

Go Lions!

Danny McDuffie

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