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Box Tops - We need your help!



Dear Parents,




The PE department has 3 fundraisers a year to raise money for equipment.  School Mall, Field day t-shirts and Box tops.  Box tops are the biggest source of funds for equipment. We receive 10 cents for every box top that is turned into the school. This year Box tops for education has created an app that you can download on your phone.  If you use this App we will receive 20 cents extra for those same box tops that you are turning into the school.  So this year we can earn 30 cents for box tops if you turn them into the school and use the App they have created.  I am sending home the instructions on how to do this.  When you download the App, just search for our school and scan away.  Thank you for participating in this fundraiser.




WJC Physical Education Department


Nan Chesser


Trevor Fitts