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Meet Your Teacher


Meet Your Teacher is scheduled for Monday, August 12th from 2pm until 5pm. The following times are set aside by student's last name to avoid overcrowding:
A-G    2:00
H-P    3:00
Q-Z    4:00
The event begins in the gym.  Please do your best to park in a parking spot for safety reasons and to avoid accidents.
Activities will include: meeting your teacher, visiting classrooms to drop off supplies, purchasing Friday T-shirts ($15), paying Activity Donation ($15), Band Fees ( $30 - 6th grade band students only), and visiting various tables for the PTO, School Nurse (Health Care Plans), and Bus Information. 
Bus drivers will be available to assist with questions about bus assignments, as well as, the school nurse for any student health needs or questions
Class Rolls will be posted on Friday, August 9th after 12:00.