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It’s Attendance Awareness Month

~Attendance Matters: All Day, Every Day, All Year!~


“If children aren’t in school, they don’t learn.

Improving school attendance improves success in school and life.”


September kicks off Attendance Awareness Month across the state.

To that end, below are a few important facts to note as we begin a new year of success!


  • All absences are unexcused until an excuse is submitted within three (3) days of returning.
  • Late check-ins and early check-outs are both tardies.
  • Nine (9) parent notes per school year are allowed.
    • Pre-approved vacation days are included in that nine (9).
  • Morning attendance calls are sent for students that check-in late.
  • Evening attendance calls are sent if a student is absent or missed more than half of the school day, which equates to an absence.
  • Just seven (7) unexcused absences can trigger a truancy petition in Juvenile Court.
  • Students 15-19 years of age that have 10 consecutive or 15 unexcused absences in a semester, driver’s licenses are suspended.


As a family, please set an attendance goal this year, try not to miss more than 9 days of school. Use the provided calendar to help keep track.


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