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Cookie Dough Fundraiser Pick up - Friday 5/21

 Cookie Dough Fundraiser Pick Up Good news! Fundraising items are on their way! Thank you for your patience! The cookie dough fundraising items will be available for pick up on Friday, May 21st. Please come and pick up your fundraising items between the hours of 8:15-10:00 or 3:30-6:00 PM. Please park at the front of the school, near the office. If available, someone will be standing outside taking names. If not, please buzz the office and tell them your child’s name and homeroom teacher. Someone will bring your items outside to you. If you are unable to pick up during these hours, please make arrangements with a friend or family member who can come to pick them up in your absence. Thank you, again, for your patience… and thank you for helping to make our fundraising such a success!