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Uniform Policy

At Fairhope Intermediate School, the uniform schedule will be as follows:
-Class Shirt (each class has their own color)
-Solid white or navy collared shirts
-Solid khaki or navy bottoms
-Dresses/Jumpers also allowed for girls
Tuesday, and Wednesday:
- Solid white or navy collared shirts
- Solid khaki or navy bottoms
- Dresses/Jumpers also allowed for girls
- Current year Fairhope Intermediate School grade level shirt
- PTC Gold shirt 
- Fairhope Friday
- This is your day to show Fairhope pride
*** Collared shirts are acceptable every day of the week. They are mandatory on Tuesday and Wednesday, but optional on Monday, Thursday and Friday. *** 
For any other questions regarding the uniform policy, please refer to the BCBE website. Thank you for your support. Go Pirates!!!