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Fire Science Application

South Baldwin Center for Technology

Fire Science Academy

Student Application

Student Name




City, State, Zip


Base School


Home Phone


Cell Phone


Email Address


Current Age


Date Student Will Turn 18


Current Grade Level


Parent/Guardian Name


Contact Information


Have you applied for the Fire Science Academy Before?


Are you currently a member of a Fire Department?  If yes, which department and in what capacity? (Volunteer/Explorer/Member)


Are you in good physical health?


Are you currently covered under an accident insurance policy?


If yes, give name of insurance company


If no, are you willing to purchase coverage if accepted into this program?


This Part to Be Completed By School


Current GPA


Number of absences/Comments regarding attendance


Discipline issues/Comments regarding discipline



Each student applying for the Fire Science Academy is required to have 3 references. These should include a school administrator, a teacher and one other person who can be contacted for a reference check.  If you are part of a Fire Department currently, it is suggested that the Chief or his/her designee be listed

List the name and position of the persons the student has requested a recommendation from:

Name of Person  /Position

Contact Number







I understand that submitting this application does not guarantee me a seat in the Fire Science Academy at South Baldwin Center for Technology.  I understand that due to age requirements of the Alabama Fire College, that students who meet all other expectations of the program and whom are closer to 18 years of age will have preferential selection status. 

This program will follow as closely as possible the Alabama Fire College standards to include the physical requirements of becoming a fire fighter. Students selected for this program will have the same physical requirements of any other cadet going through a Fire Training program. 

I understand that there are a series of tests and skills required for this program, which follow the Alabama Fire College requirements to become a Volunteer Fire Fighter.

Tests, both written and skilled, may be administered and/or evaluated by personnel of the Alabama Fire College and in a case where scores are made available to myself only, I will make those scores available to my high school Fire Science Instructor.

I understand that acceptable progressions through the series of courses in the Fire Science Academy will result the student’s removal from the program. 


My signature and my parent/guardian’s signature indicate that I have read and agree to the above statements:


Student Signature________________________________________ Date_________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________Date_________________________

(If completing this application online,  signature will be typed-in)



Submit this application by:

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Kendall Mowdy

South Baldwin Center for Technology

19200 Carolina Street

Robertsdale, AL 36567


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Fax to Kendall Mowdy: 251-947-4837