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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Around the World!


"Marvelous" Monday May 7th

Bring your teacher something sweet. This might be a piece of fruit, favorite candy, etc.


"Terrific" Tuesday May 8th

Many times, teachers run out of most of their supplies before the end of the year comes, so bring your teacher a new pen, tape, Dry-Erase markers, Post-It notes etc.! 


"Wonderful" Wednesday May 9th

Write your teacher a note about what you have enjoyed about this school year and having him/her as your teacher.


"Thinking of You" Thursday May 10th

Bring your teacher anything you choose to...just to show that you are thinking of them!


"Fabulous" Friday May 11th

Bring your teacher a flower. This does not have to be store can be from your yard or even handmade if you choose.