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Need resources to help your child? Visit our school library!


Summerdale now has a parent resource center cart.  This center contains books that will help you learn strategies to help your child learn various skills that are directly or indirectly tied to effective learning. You may come by the school during school hours and ask to see the librarian.  She will show you to the resource center where you may check out items to help you become more engaged with your child’s learning.

Items in the resource center:

Book topics include information about helping your child with math (titles covering Kindergarten through pre-algebra), reading, discipline helps, Autism, budgeting, child development, understanding teens, books to read with your child (titles covering issues young children are beginning to understand).

We also have study helps and educational manipulatives:  multiplication, phonics, and sight word flash cards; Leap Frog alphabet magnets, motor skills practice manipulatives, and others.

Please feel free to come by and check out an item to use for a few weeks. We will work to continue building the collection of items as we learn other needs which may help you become more engaged with your child’s learning.

See you in the library!

Amy Hiller