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Information on GoFan


The tickets for Thursday’s volleyball game should have already been available on Go Fan!  We have been communicating, with Go Fan, tirelessly and they are still not on the site, yet.  However, Monday’s tickets are.  Go figure???

So, we are not going to stress.  If tickets are not available before the game, we will take cash (wearing gloves).

Some things to remember with the Go Fan tickets on your phone.

  • Do not use screen shots of tickets.  We must validate them when you get to the game and a screen shot cannot be validated.
  • Have your tickets pulled up before you get to the door. Wifi may not be as good in the gym and can become an issue with pulling up the tickets.
  • Just have the phone on the validate screen. Do not validate yourself.  

Hang in there with us.  We and all schools in Baldwin County are frustrated too, but we will keep working to get it going well.