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Fund Rays Coupon Book Fundraiser

Students were given Fund Rays packets during homeroom this morning (9/6/19). They may begin selling them this weekend. These coupon books are really a great deal even if you only eat out on occasion. The cost of the Fund Rays book is $15 and the Taste of Excellence book is $20. Using just 1-2 coupons from each book will cover the amount you spent on it while supporting your child's school. Our school receives 50% of the total sales. The money raised will be used to purchase new materials for the media center. Money must be collected at the time of the sale. The students will report to the media center every morning during homeroom to turn in the money they have collected. We will deliver the coupon books to the students during 6th or 7th period that same day. This fundraiser closes on Friday, September 20th at 8:00 am.

Orders may also be placed online at (Orders placed online will ship directly to the buyer. Students can still receive credit for these sales.)

Cash and checks will be accepted. Checks must be made payable to Spanish Fort Middle School. All checks must include a phone number.

Leveled prizes are listed in the packet that was given out to students. These prizes will be delivered to our school on October 10th. In addition to the leveled prizes, the top 25 students will WIN a "free day" and pizza party in the media center. The top selling homeroom will also win an ice cream party. We appreciate your support!

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