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Morning Car Line Update


Thank you for another fabulous week at SFMS!  We have had an amazing week of learning and positivity!  It is so awesome to be surrounded by such supportive families and caring and kind students.  I have witnessed some true leaders in action this week, and we had over 10 positive office referrals!  That is a tribute to all of you for raising such wonderful children.  Thank you for all you do at home to build character and leadership in your children. 

As many of you know, the amount of traffic in the morning on Jimmy Faulkner is very concerning to all of us.  I have spent the better part of this week working with the Spanish Fort Police Department, my administrative staff, BCBOE transportation and even brainstorming with many of you on how we can help alleviate the traffic on Jimmy Faulkner.  I have received some really wonderful emails with great suggestions and have even been sent some pictures that have come in handy when speaking with our SRO.  We do have a plan that will begin Monday morning that will hopefully help pull some of that traffic off Jimmy Faulkner and speed up your drop off time.  I know many parents have other children they are trying to get to school on time.  I am hopeful that this plan will help. 

Starting Monday, August 23, 2021:

ALL parents will follow the same entrance on Jimmy Faulkner to D'Olive Road that they have been using for morning drop off.  As you enter the entrance to our gym parking, we are asking that parents begin to form 2 lanes.  Mr. Fillingim will be out by the road helping to direct everyone as they turn into the campus.  The left hand lane will be for those of you who will turn left (northbound) on Jimmy Faulkner when exiting D'Olive.  Those turning left into traffic will need our SRO to help them safely turn northbound on Jimmy Faulkner Drive.  Please follow the same route as usual pulling in front of the gym to drop of your students.  For anyone turning right (southbound) on Jimmy Faulkner, you will be in the right hand lane and will wrap in front of the school for drop off.  Your students will exit their cars in the front of the school.  After your students exit, you will follow that lane to exit right (southbound) on Jimmy Faulkner Drive.  Please be very aware as teachers are entering our parking lot from this entrance/exit.  Do not block the lane keeping them from turning in.  This could prevent them from getting into school on time and working with our students.  I am attaching a map that will help you better understand and visualize this new traffic pattern. 

At approximately 7:40am, we will combine the lines into one and all students will be dropped off in front of the gym.  At this point, there is essentially no back and the line is moving quickly.  Mr. Fillingim will be out there directing everyone, so please do not worry about not knowing what to do. 

Please be patient!  This is not going to be perfect day one.  It will take some time and compliance on all for this to actually work.  Please inform any family members: siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. about this change.  We will have some additional staff members out helping during the week.  We are hoping that this is going to make everyone safer while traveling each morning. 

Carline MAP SFMS AM ONLY 21-22.pdf 

Have a great weekend!

Leslie Wheeler, Principal