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PowerSchool Instructions

PowerSchool is up for parents & students to see 23-24! Please remind students to stay on top of make-up assignments when they miss school. Teachers will place zeros in the grade book if a student is absent during collection of a grading assignment, quiz, or test until it is made up. It is the students' responsibility to make arrangements with their teachers to make up tests, quizzes, and assignments. They have 3 days PER day absent upon returning to take care of missed tests, quizzes, and assignments. Note- students only out 1 day may need to makeup a missed test the day they return. 

  • Here is a link to our PowerSchool grades website. Get the PowerSchool app to help keep up with your student’s grades. Here are some directions for getting PowerSchool app access. Contact myself or your student's grade level counselor for help.
  • New students should have brought home a PowerSchool letter after they returned to school this year with access codes to link your student to your parent account. If you need an access code, please contact the school.
  • PowerSchool app not syncing or not up to date?

    iPhone users:

    You will go to “…” icon in the lower right > Account > click Sign Out in top right > sign back in

    This should fix it😊 Then, be sure, from the Dashboard (bottom left icon), you see "23-24." From there, each course has the option, while clicked in the course, to choose which grading period across the top.