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Baldwin County Virtual Schools

Baldwin County’s Virtual School Program consists of two schools: Baldwin County Virtual Elementary School and Baldwin County Virtual Middle/High School. 

For nearly a decade, Baldwin County has offered one of the finest virtual school programs in Alabama. This program has been open to 7th-12th grade students who meet certain qualifications.

This year, we will be expanding enrollment to include elementary children grades K-6. This virtual program will be a comprehensive elementary learning program. Like the secondary program, children will not attend school every day. Just like the secondary virtual school program, enrolled students will do their learning from home, while being advised, tutored and tested on campus locations across Baldwin County.

While home internet connectivity is recommended for the elementary virtual school, there is no requirement for such at this time. There is no bussing and no place for children to be left unattended during the traditional school day. A guardian must participate in this program with the child to provide assessment and tutoring at our campus locations on a scheduled basis.


If you would like more information on the Baldwin County Virtual School Program email us at