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Student and Traffic Flow

A plan is in place for students to safely enter and exit the building. Many factors have influenced these decisions. Factors include the 56 days of rain experienced during the construction process, insufficient parking, and incomplete construction projects. The map below details that plan and the following points will best explain it:

Car Line will flow as it has in the past, entering from County Road 13 and exiting onto County Road 13. That flow is indicated by the GREEN arrows below. Car line students will enter and exit the building using the doors at the end of the 1st grade hall, like rainy day dismissal. Car line will run its regular length in an effort to empty or load as many students as possible.
The section of the road indicated by Staff Parking will become our temporary staff parking lot. No car line traffic will enter this area. Please be considerate and take minimal space so we can fit as many cars as possible in the space. You may continue to park on the side of the road BUT remember the new grass is not packed in yet because of the tremendous amounts of rain.
Buses will remain the same. Benches will be in location for dismissal. Students will exit buses and follow the YELLOW arrows. The sidewalk is in place in front on the new wing and students will follow that path to the grass (like last year). Then students will transition to the hedge line and walk to the front entrance of school. (Yes, this is going to kill the grass but we have no other option.) Students will enter and exit for buses using the front entrance. Teacher supervision is mandatory.
The construction site will be secure to prevent access by students.