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Baldwin County Schools in cooperation with HNH Immunizations (Health Hero) will offer a Spring Vaccine Clinic to our students.  The clinic will be held May 6-9. There is no charge to parents for this service. If your child has Medicaid, All Kids, or private insurance, HNH will bill the insurance company for the vaccine. If your child is uninsured, the vaccine will  be given free of charge.

If your child is covered by PEEHIP, we cannot provide vaccinations for you. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact PEEHIP at 1-877-517-0020

  1. The clinic will offer the following vaccinations:

    Tdap -Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis: Ages 11-12 (also age 10 entering 6th grade)

    MCV – Meningococcal ACWY: Ages 11-12 with a booster dose recommended at age 16

  2. This is an “OPT-IN” Program. Parents are required to consent for each 
  • No child will be vaccinated without the written permission from the parent.    
  • This clinic is primarily for students entering the 6th
  • Consent forms will be sent directly to the parent from your child’s school.
  • Please sign and return to the school.