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School Closing information

DES Families,

It seems unfair, to have been appointed principal and only given a few weeks to greet students, visit classrooms and read stories with your children before our time together was cut short. We are looking to the future and planning for the day we will be welcoming back students. I am sorry for the loss of time and memories we missed out on before finishing up this school year. I know that much of this time has provided an opportunity for your families to create new and wonderful memories at home. For that, I am grateful.

Next week, we will be returning your student’s personal belongings. We will implement our protocol used for carpool. We ask that as you approach the carpool line; be prepared to display a piece of paper large enough to see from a distance with your student’s name and teacher’s name so that an employee/teacher can call ahead to get your child’s items retrieved from the gym. Please remain in your vehicles throughout this process. It is important that we abide by pickup guidelines and continue to practice social distancing while making this process run quickly and safely.

Don’t forget to bring library books to return as well. Unfortunately, all belongings not collected will be disposed of at the end of the week unless arrangements have been made with your student’s teacher. Do not bring Chromebooks; they will not be collected until July. A schedule will be sent out in late June.

Your student may continue using Freckle during the summer. There is a new reading program located in the student portal called MyON. It will provide your child the opportunity to keep their mind active by reading some great books. Please continue to encourage them to read over the summer.

See you next week,

Benita Battle

Pick up Schedule for next week

Tuesday, May 19th

· By Last Name:

10:00–12:00 A-L

1:00–3:00 M-P

3:00-4:00 Q-Z

Wednesday, May 20th

· By Last Name:

12:00-3:00 A-L

3:00-4:00 M-P

4:00-5:00 Q-Z