Golf Expectation Sheet

FHS Girls Golf Information

Golf is a very competitive 7A sport. The girl’s golf team is not designed for the novice golfer.

High school golf allows golfers to compete as both individuals and as a team. Since it is a competitive sport, the expectation is every player will practice to improve skills and course management. Students who do not desire to practice and compete against other golfers need not participate in golf. Each student who tries out for the golf team must exhibit knowledge of the rules of golf and basic fundamentals of the golf swing.

Because we are a team, teamwork and unity will be stressed. We will encourage one another and assist each other to improve our game and perform at the highest possible level.

Golf is a sport that requires an extremely high skill level to perform at the highest level. In order to improve their skill level, players must be willing to attend every practice andwork on their own.  Players are expectedto work on their golf game during the off- season.  Players should have a PGA certified swing coach to help achieve swing consistency and assist in improving their overall game. Golfers shouldbe playing golf on a very regular basis (even during off-season).

All team practices are required. Once we begin our season, practices will be held every day (Monday-Friday). There will be no team practices scheduled on play dates. I will provide more information at a later date concerning practice times and locations.

Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Students must be willing to commit to practice to be considered for the golf team. Golfers must also let me know in advance of any practice they will be unable to attend.  Practice attendance and scores will be a factor in determining playing time. An unexcused absence will result in loss of playing privileges for the next match or tournament.


Sign, detach and return to Coach McKinzey prior to tryouts.


I have read and agree to the above golf expectations.



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