In line with yesterday's email about our plans for the fall, I would very much appreciate you taking the following survey about virtual school options we have for distance learning in Baldwin County.
For nearly a decade, Baldwin County has offered one of the finest virtual school programs in Alabama. This program has been open to 7th-12th grade students who meet certain qualifications. The students do not attend regular classes and are, in many ways, self-directed in their studies. Their testing and assessments are monitored on-site, but they do not attend school every day. There is no bussing for this program and the student must have Wi-Fi access to do their work. The students learn through internet connected computer programs and videos with support and tutoring instruction from the Virtual School staff as needed. This program will continue as it has for many years.
This year, we are adding an elementary option with K-6th students being given the opportunity to join the virtual school program. While students will learn from home as they did this spring, this program is very different from the distance learning your elementary children did this spring. This is a comprehensive elementary learning program. Like the secondary program, children will not attend school every day. Just like the secondary virtual school program, enrolled students will do their learning from home, while being advised, tutored and tested on campus locations. While home internet connectivity is recommended for the elementary virtual school, there is no requirement for such at this time. There is no bussing and no place for children to be left unattended during the traditional school day. A guardian must participate in this program with the child to provide assessment and tutoring at our campus locations when necessary.
The decision on enrollment will need to be made before the school year begins. To assist us in gauging interest for this school year we are asking you to please answer this short survey even if you have no interest in participating in this program. This will help us tremendously and I greatly appreciate your time.
Eddie Tyler
P.S. As a reminder, this survey is through a 3rd party. Advertisements and additional surveys you choose to participate in are not related to, nor endorsed, by the Baldwin County School System. Our final question will be identified with the words FINAL QUESTION.