I hope your summer is getting off to a beautiful start and your family is doing well. 
There have been numerous calls about what school might look like this fall and when we will start. Also, there was a recent news story suggesting Baldwin County Public Schools will be implementing a hybrid school term. This is not accurate, and I want to clarify where we are. 
I do not intend to release any specific plans until after the Fourth of July but make no mistake, we have several plans being considered. We are already acquiring new software and programs. We are implementing new training and evaluating all of our protocols. We will be ready for whatever is sent our way. 
Many people want to know what we are doing but I'm not comfortable making that decision today. Information surrounding this virus changes daily. How our country responds to the virus also changes daily. As a result, I want to wait until we have as much information as possible before locking in on any specific plan. 
What I can tell you is that as of today, I expect we will start school on August 12 as scheduled. That may change but as of now, this is what we are planning for. As to the format - I do not see a hybrid plan for Baldwin County Public Schools. I expect your student will either be in our classrooms or he/she will be doing distance learning. I don't see a circumstance where we would have a student going to school one day and doing distance learning the next. I can't predict the future, but that is not something for which we are planning. My goal is to provide consistency. I hope we can provide some sense of normality for your children. 
Regardless of our system plan, we will continue to offer virtual school should you have concerns about sending your child back to a classroom. We will be pushing information out very soon about our K-12 virtual school options here in Baldwin County. 
I will be back in touch with you after July 4th. You will hear rumors and suggestions from people about what will happen, but please know that it is not official until you hear it from me.
Stay safe and enjoy the summer,
Eddie Tyler
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