Here we are. It's game time!

We opened three new schools in Baldwin County yesterday with ribbon cutting ceremonies. Nearly $80 million in new construction, already paid for and with no debt. This is an amazing accomplishment and, after having worked on this for many years, I expected a sort of celebratory feeling. It just felt different, though. Times are different and I have that same feeling today as I prepare this final pregame message for you.

Folks, let's just agree that things are going to be different no matter how hard we try to make things the same. That being said, we can look toward tomorrow as a step back to normal. These children need each other. They need a sense of normal. I hope that all of us will put on our best smile, our patience and our grace to give these kids the best start to what will likely be a different year.


  • Please make sure your child has a mask before they are sent to school. It might be a good idea to put a second mask in their backpack.
  • Please check your child's temperature before they leave home, or else you might get a call to come get your child.
  • Please remind your child to wash and sanitize their hands frequently.
  • If you have a Chromebook from last year, please bring your Chromebook & your charger back for the first day of school. If you do not have a Chromebook, do not worry, one will be supplied to you.
  • Send your child with a water bottle so they will stay hydrated.
  • Hug your child, and yes, even your 2021 senior. These kids, young and old, listen to everything we say. While I am sure they are excited, they will also be nervous. A hug can go a long way toward creating comfort.

Outside of these COVID-19 reminders, PLEASE pay attention to carline instructions. Watch, please, watch for small children.

Also, parents, please have patience for drivers who have no idea school will be starting back. It seems strange but not everyone knows that tomorrow is a big day and they won't understand why traffic is backed up. Frustrated drivers are dangerous for our kids so please leave early, pack your patience and make the best of an exciting time!

Virtual School parents, tomorrow might just be another day. The start of school for Virtual Students is different. Your schedule will be different and they might not all be starting on day one. That's fine and you just need to have your kids ready and work with them to get them properly oriented.

If you are wanting to transfer your child from Virtual School back to traditional school, remember this will not open until Thursday and there is a process you will need to follow. Please do not drop off your child at a traditional school unless they have been enrolled back at that base school.

Before I close out, I want to send out a word of praise to our nurses. I stopped by yesterday to peek in on a professional training workshop where all of our nurses were in attendance. WOW - what an amazing group of brave folks. These people will be on the front lines in our school. They will be handling our traditional needs while also dealing with this new world of COVID. I hope that everyone will join me in celebrating them and thanking them for everything they are doing for your children!

I will be out in the schools tomorrow and all week. I will be inspecting our facilities along with our senior staff to make sure we are quickly correcting any issues - which I am certain we will have, we always do.

I know I've said this often and it might get old but I want you to tell you again - thank you for trusting us with your children. Please remember that we love your children. Very few teachers do this for the money. We do this for the joy these young people bring to our lives. Please help us tomorrow with a little bit of love and patience as we all begin what I hope will be the next best day.

Eddie Tyler,
#BaldwinProud #CommunityStrong