I always believed if we worked together, communicated openly and went above and beyond, we would make it to the end of school without disruption, and here we are! We made it!!!

Looking around the country at the disruption and loss of academics, I hope you feel gratitude for what we have accomplished. If you have a moment please express your appreciation to the teachers, cafeteria, custodial, nurses, bus drivers, administrators and support staff who chose to stay and work together to keep our kids learning and our community working. Without their positive attitude and desire to do what’s best for your children, this year would have had a very different outcome.

Now, I want to thank YOU. There is nothing about this year that has been normal and I thank you for the patience you have had with us. Your support and trust have been invaluable. 

To the parents of our graduating seniors: I hope we did right by you through all of this. I pray your children find every success they dream of as they take their next steps. These seniors were offered more than $91 million in scholarships which is $2 million more than our seniors of 2019 were offered pre-COVID. WOW! Through all of COVID and the disruptions to their junior and senior year, these students did amazing!!!

I fully expect everything will be back to normal for our return in August. Summer events and activities will operate as they normally have. Look to your principals and sponsors for summer information.

As we do our analysis and professional development through the summer, I expect there will be a lot of good news about how well your children did in a very unconventional and challenging year. I can tell you what we are seeing so far is amazing under the circumstances!

I have a lot more I want to share but it's time to move on. Though I feel emotional about all of this, school is over and that’s probably enough said.

Have a great summer and enjoy those little things in life - something we have all come to realize can go away at a moment’s notice.

On behalf of myself, the board and our 4,000 employees thank you for trusting us with your children.

Eddie Tyler,