Naval Science IV - Syllabus (Sign & Return)

PURPOSE:  To focus primarily on practical leadership techniques and implementation intended to assist seniors in understanding and improving leadership skills by inserting them into supervised leadership roles and then helping analyze the reasons for their varying degrees of success throughout the year.  Classroom activities include seminars, reading assignments, classroom presentations, and practical work with younger cadets.  Seniors are mentored/guided in their preparation for life after high school to include college preparation, scholarship applications, and a variety of available choices.

COURSE CONTENT:  Includes instruction in theoretical and applied aspects of leadership, training, and evaluation of performance.  Students will become aware of the techniques used to create motivation, develop goals and activities for a work group, and the proper ways to set a leadership example.  Students are provided access to ACT/SAT prep courses, guidance in selecting a college and pursuing available scholarships, and mentoring in establishing long-range life goals.

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