• Rockwell Toro Task Team recently selected Harper Walker as their 2014-15 team leader. The Toro task team is responsible for safety patrol and Red Ribbon Week Activities. Listed in no particular order are:
      Jacob Williams, Annie Dailor, Mollie Claire Sessions, Mary Ella Scroggie , Kendal Stanton, D’Artagron Gaitor, Cole Komyati, Kyle Clower , Caroline White, Cameron Keshock, Ashley Mayeux , Conner Parsons, Harper Walker, Juliann Dailor, Sheridan Middleton, Michael Harris, Tyler Aull, Isabelle McLeod,Ty Bennett, Noah Thompson, Eli Clark, Taylor Ellis , Olivia Goodrich, Alianna Henriques, Caroline Crum , Amiyah Williams-Seay , Gracie Olson, Janie Ellis, Eliza May, Abby Smith, Andrew Beasley, and Ariana Nagle.