What is Baldwin Preparatory Academy?

  • BPA OverviewBaldwin Preparatory Academy is a new school in Loxley. It's different than any school in our state because it is based on comprehensive career tech. That means while students learn their core subjects like English and math, they'll also get hands-on experience in fields like welding, aviation, and more. The state-of-the-art building is around 200,000 square feet of classroom, training, and collaborative spaces. At Baldwin Prep, students will learn core classes while also taking career tech courses that will prepare them for the workforce.

    New levels of success require new ways of getting there.

    Baldwin County’s continued growth is bringing greater opportunities to our future graduates. It’s also putting greater demands on our workforce. Baldwin County Public Schools, the fastest-growing system in the state, has partnered with local government and industry to create a new solution.

    Baldwin Prep is a competitive, academically rigorous, full-time campus—much like a magnet school.

    To us, preparatory means not just college but preparing our students for the path of their choosing. Programs of study include health sciences, automotive technology, cyber security, culinary arts, engineering, cosmetology, construction, welding, graphic design, HVAC, teaching, aviation, and logistics.

    At Baldwin Prep, academics and real-life, on-the-job experience are integrated in a state-of-the-art building designed for academic and industry-specific immersion.

    Students take a high level of responsibility at Baldwin Prep. They clock in and out. They wear industry-specific uniforms. They learn time-management skills and professionalism that build a promising future for our graduates and our economy.