National Elementary Honor Society

  • Membership of the Loxley Elementary Chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society can be earned by the effective demonstration of the qualities held in high esteem by the Society. The National Elementary Honor Society was established in 2008 with two primary purposes: to recognize students who have achieved academic excellence and demonstrated responsibility in their lives, and to engage those students, through the work of the chapter, in service and leadership development activities. Loxley Elementary's NEHS is the first stage for students in a process that can bring recognition in the elementary, middle level, and high school years to those students who commit to achievement. 

Peer Helpers

  • When young people have problems, they are far more likely to discuss them with their friends rather than their parents, teachers, ministers, or other caregivers. Social media enables young people to share life-changing events with strangers without ever talking to someone within their own homes.

    To equip young people to act as a resource to help other youth with the issues they face, the concept of "peer helping" was developed. Peer Helpers are students who are trained to recognize when their peers may have a problem, listen to fellow students confidentially and assist them with emotional, societal, or academic struggles.