2022-2023 Welcome Letter

  • Greetings Loxley Families!

    On behalf of the faculty and staff at Loxley Elementary, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2022-23 school year.  We are looking forward to a productive partnership to ensure our children can achieve at their highest potential.  This year, we’ll be helping our Loxley Elementary Bear Cubs choose COURAGE to be their best. 

    Student success takes a strong collaborative effort between families, students, school, and the community in order to create an educational environment where students can thrive.  Loxley offers opportunities for families to work closely with teachers and staff to address any needs students may encounter.

    During this school year, we focus on achieving academic success for every student, in every classroom.  We will accomplish this task through our collective concentration on standards-based instruction designed to foster student success when students are: 

    • Fully engaged in classwork and always giving best effort.
    • Taking ownership of their learning by attending school daily and arriving on time.
    • Demonstrating understanding of the content by performing on state mandated assessments.

    With that being said, I look forward to family’s involvement in Leader in Me, STEM nights, Leadership celebrations, school events, and other school-sponsored activities, because we realize that the success of every child is greatly increased through the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, students, and the community.

    Thank you for your dedication to this year’s educational adventure!

    Cubs Choose Courage!

    Jacque Helms, Principal Loxley Elementary


  • Lead-Empower-Succeed


  • As individuals at Loxley Elementary School, we choose to be our best so that, together, we can do incredible things.  We recognize and honor our differences as strengths.  We celebrate our ability to make every day as great as we are.