Student Conduct

  • Bus Conduct: Students are expected to follow the same conduct rules on buses as in the classroom. The bus driver has the same authority on the bus as the teacher does in the classroom. A student who is uncooperative on the bus will be referred to the office for disciplinary action and possible suspension from riding the bus.
    Cafeteria Conduct: While in the cafeteria students should wait quietly in lines, eat quietly, and use good manners. Before leaving, each student is responsible for picking up any trash from products he/she brought to the table. Canned or bottled carbonated beverages and food from restaurants is not allowed in the cafeteria.
    Discipline Procedures: Loxley Elementary holds a high standard of conduct for students. Each classroom teacher has designed his/her own classroom rules, which includes positive reinforcement as well as consequences for infractions. If a child does not appropriately correct his/her behavior with a teacher’s management system:

    • The child will be referred to the principal’s office.
    • In instances where misbehavior is severe such as verbal or physical aggression toward a student or staff member, the student will be sent immediately to the principal’s office.
    • Bullying will not be tolerated. Children suspected of such behavior will be referred to school administrators.
    • Fighting or acts of violence will not be tolerated. In most cases, such behavior will result in suspension. Due to the variety of disciplinary infractions that can occur within an elementary school, each situation will be handled individually. Appropriate consequences will be determined according to the severity of the infraction and developmental age of students.
    • The use of personal, wireless communication devices by students is prohibited on school grounds or while students are being transported on a school bus, except as provided for herein. Personal, wireless communication devices include, but are not limited to, cellular telephones, pocket pagers, email devices, “walkie talkies,” or any other electronic communication device. Students are permitted to keep personal wireless devices only in lockers, the school office, or other locations.
    • Please be aware that teachers, administrators, or other school personnel cannot discuss disciplinary consequences with anyone other than a child’s own parents or guardians. Confidentiality prohibits the school from sharing such information with individuals other than a child’s parents, school system personnel, or in extreme cases, law enforcement personnel.
    • All Baldwin County Schools are alcohol free, drug free, tobacco free, and weapon free. Violators of these offenses will be suspended.
    • Phone use by students is limited to emergency situations as determined by the staff. Emergency situations do not include forgotten items.