FACULTY SPONSOR:  David Ard (djard@bcbe.org)

    Permission Slip and Liability Waiver for Ard Knocks Skate Club


    Welcome to the School of Ard Knocks Skate Club. Before participating in any club event, please sign the sheet and waiver. There will be digital and hard copies available on site for your convenience.


    Please note that I am not a skate teacher. I am a new skater without any formal training. Any advice or suggestions I offer come from my personal experience. We all learn at our own pace, so there's no need to compete with anyone else. Skating is great because success looks different for everyone. Let's be supportive and non-judgmental of each other.


    Take it easy at first and prioritize safety. Always wear helmets and pads, as even small falls can be painful. A serious injury could prevent you from skating, and that would be a shame. Remember, Tony Hawk wore pads even when he was a professional skater!


    There will be an (UNgraded) Schoology class open so you can watch videos, post pics or videos and talk skating.


    Please be aware that parents should be present at the park in case of an injury.


    While at a club skating event, BCVS or myself are not responsible for your safety or behavior. Parents/guardians or whoever came with you are 100% responsible. Let's make sure we create a positive and healthy environment where everyone feels welcome. Any rude or bullying behavior will not be tolerated and may result in not being invited back. Thank you for your cooperation.


    We will hold monthly sessions at various skateparks around Baldwin County.


    Join the Instagram and/or Schoology class to stay updated.