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    BCVSS Art Club - openheARTed

    Primary Sponsor: Starla Morris

    Club Description: There are some AMAZING artists at BCVSS, and then there are people (like ME) who APPRECIATE great art in all of its amazing forms.  BCVSS’s Art Club is a place where artists and appreciators of art can come together and share and discuss art. As a member, you will submit artwork you created or artwork you think is super-cool and deserves sharing. Also, we will attend local art exhibits and events. 


    Club Objectives:

    to provide a place for BCVSS students to share and discuss art
    to further develop an appreciation for art among club members
    to encourage and inspire student artists
    to attend local art exhibits and events
    Cost to students:Cost of fieldtrips only (and fieldtrips are optional for members)

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    • a love of art 
    • monthly contributions/submissions to our club’s Moodle page – these can be original artwork and/or share-worthy artwork
    • a kind and encouraging word for participating artists
    • submissions must be appropriate for school environment
    • attend exhibits and events with club when convenient
    • **What about photography, poetry, and/or short stories? Yep, those are art, too!