About Baldwin County Virtual Secondary School


    Vision: To provide motivated, independent learners the opportunity to earn their Alabama High School Diploma through flexible, personalized learning experiences available online - anytime, anywhere. 
    Baldwin County Virtual School by the numbers:  

    2013-14:  19 students
    2014-15:  59 students
    2015-16:  80 students
    2016-17:  264 students
    2017-18:  316 students
    2018-19:  346 students
    2019-20:  334 students
    2020-21: 3180 students 

BCBE Safety Message

  • Protecting our students, teachers and employees is my priority. The Baldwin County Public School System has partnered with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, the Baldwin County Commission and our municipal law enforcement agencies so that ALL our school campuses have a dedicated School Resource Officer each school day.

    As part of our school system’s multi-million-dollar commitment to safety, “buzz in” – video identification check is available on each campus. Everyone must follow stated safety procedures.

    Of note, just because you hear “lockdown” does not necessarily mean there is an emergency on campus. We are sometimes alerted by law enforcement of a concern in the community that prompts us to implement our safety plan.

    Of supreme importance: if you see or hear something, say something– not on social media – but report immediately to law enforcement, a teacher or school administrator all concerns. School administrators and law enforcement will sort out the validity. Together, we form a partnership that keeps our schools safe. Thank you for being a partner!