Field Trip Transportation Guidelines

  •  Parents, 

           Each principal is provided with a comprehensive handbook with detailed guidance on district procedures.   This is a quote from the section on field trips:

    “All elementary students participating in a field trip will be transported according to trip plans (bus, walking) and their names will appear on the required trip manifest.”

    To be clear, this means that all students participating in field trips must ride the bus from the school to the field trip site, and then must return on the bus to the school.   Students cannot be checked out while away from school.

     There has been some confusion regarding students being able to leave a field trip location, particularly the bowling alley, with a parent or guardian.  If a parent wishes to check their student out from a field trip, they can do so only from the school office after the student has ridden the bus back to school.  It is important to make certain that each and every child is properly accounted for while off campus.

    Thanks for your cooperation.  Please contact Mr. Perry if you have any questions.