Leadership Team

  • Delta Elementary hosts Parent Advisory Meetings and ACIP Advisory Meetings regularly to discuss important issues, school-wide goals, data, budgets, and plans for upcoming events or the needs of the school. Everyone is invited to attend these meetings. If you are unable to meet during the posted meeting days and times, please contact the office or email one of the Leadership Team members, and we will be happy to meet with you.

    Delta's Leadership/Lighthouse Team Members include: Co-coordinators - Lee Ann Cruz and Brittany Singleton; Supporting Members - Holly Mixon, Morgan Allinder, Danielle Cartee, Amber Cotton, Rebekah Bates, Cristee Utsey, and Karin Harms. 

    Delta's Parent Advisory Team Members are: TBA.

    Delta's ACIP Advisory Team Members are: Ashley Tollett, Brittany Singleton, and Lee Ann Cruz.

Contact Delta's Leadership Team