School Overview

  • C. F. Taylor Alternative School is located in Robertsdale, Alabama and is part of Baldwin County Public Schools. The school serves secondary (grades 7-12) Baldwin County Public School students. There are three program areas at C. F. Taylor: Crossroads, Alternative, and Impact.  

    Crossroads: The Crossroads Program is solely for students who have an IEP.  They may (or may not) have not been expelled from their base school. In the event that students are accepted in the Crossroads Program, their LRE is changed to the CF Taylor Building.

    Impact: The IMPACT Program is a computer-based program for students in grades 10-12, which gives them the opportunity to recover credits and graduate with their cohort.  

    Alternative: To be placed at the Alternative School, students in grades 7-12 must be expelled from their base school.  Prior to their placement, a meeting will be held to determine if a student is eligible to enroll. 

    For more information please contact Principal, Dr. Zack Wigstrom at