School Bus Transportation

  • Q. Is bus service available in my neighborhood? What do I need to do to allow my child to ride the bus?

    A. The Transportation Department for Baldwin County Schools oversees the daily operation of more than 280 bus routes. About half of our students ride the bus. Baldwin buses travel more than 16,000 miles each day. The Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama has rated our bus transportation program as the most efficiently run in Alabama. Our Transportation program also regularly garners awards for safety. All Baldwin County students are provided transportation to and from school daily, regardless of their proximity to their local school.

    There is one person at each school responsible for managing student transportation. At EMS, that person is our Assistant Principal, Mr. Duffy (251-986-8127, Maps of each bus route are available to assist in determining which bus will be designated to transport your child. Please contact your school prior to the beginning of the school year if you have additional questions.

    Q. What if I choose to take my child to school myself?

    A. Please contact your local school prior to the beginning of school to determine where you may safely drop off and pick up your child. Each school has very specific traffic flow patterns for the safety of all of our students. You will also learn what time students may enter the building and when they will be deemed tardy to school. The bell to enter Elberta Middle School rings at 7:40 a.m. and the dismissal bell to end the day rings at 3:03 p.m. To view the car rider line map, click here.