Child Nutrition Program Info

  • Baldwin County Schools' cafeterias participate in the USDA Child Nutrition Program. Nutritious meals are provided to students daily at nominal cost. Each student is assigned an account number to use in the cafeteria and encouraged to memorize this number. Parents may pay send their child to school with cash or check to pay for meals. We suggest that parents consider paying for meals in advance by either writing a check for the week or month or by submitting a payment online. This provides an additional measure of safety for your child by alleviating the need to bring money to school for daily lunch. Checks can be made payable to the school.

    To pay online, you may use My School Bucks. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Child Nutrition Program office at 251-970-4402.

    Children may also bring a lunch from home to eat during their designated lunch time. Food is not allowed in the classrooms. There are no board policies that limit what parents can pack for their child’s lunch, however, some schools may have special policies in place because of severe food allergies.  Wholesome, healthy lunch items will keep your child fueled and ready to learn for the afternoon until they arrive home.

    If your child has a special dietary need, please contact your school nurse (EMS Nurse Dana Baker 251-987-8127, to complete a Diet Prescription Form.