What is eMINTS?

  • emints logoIn Baldwin County, we offer the eMINTS Comprehensive Program. It is a training program that offers its participants approximately 200 hours of high-quality, research-based professional development over 2 years. This professional development program centers around its 4-part Instructional Model. Each part of the model plays an integral role in transforming our schools' teaching and learning experience.

    Often, eMINTS is misperceived as solely a technology initiative, but technology is only one piece of what makes the eMINTS model a success. While we do model and teach our participants how to integrate technology meaningfully into their instruction, we also focus on High-Quality Lesson Design, Authentic Learning, and a Community of Learners. All four of these components are equally important and work together to transform the educational experience for teachers, students, and schools.
    High-Quality Lesson Design: eMINTS believes that the best teaching and learning take place in classrooms where teachers value self-directed learning. Through the use of high-quality instructional and assessment strategies, teachers have the opportunity to create the types of lessons that are designed to meet the needs of learners.
    Authentic Learning: One foundational piece of the eMINTS instructional model is using authentic learning. Through the use of real-world projects, students become problem solvers, collaborators, critical thinkers, inventors, and creators. Through the use of global content, students begin to ask questions and think about their world in new and innovative ways. 
    Community of Learners: Fundamental to eMINTS practice is the community of learners, not only within the classroom but also among teachers and among trainers, showing students how continuous lifelong learning takes place in a community. eMINTS helps educators learn the importance of building a community of learners where learners share, take risks, respect, and encourage each other as they find their own best ways to learn and engage in deep content with one another.
    Powered by Technology:eMINTS seamlessly integrates technology with authentic learning and differentiated instruction that results in true learning. Technology adds excitement and motivation for students and teachers as they use digital tools to enhance and expand learning beyond the classroom walls. 

FEES eMINTS Teachers

  • eMINTS Certified Educators:

    • Beth Kirkland
    • Jennifer Anderson
    • Caroline Dube
    • Rose Wiles
    • Heidi Jones
    • Christina Henson

    Year 1 eMINTS Completion:

    • Betsey Jennings