Foley High School Fine Arts Department

  • Foley Fine Arts DepartmentFoley High School offers students many activities in the Fine Arts including music, band, and visual arts. The fine arts department has been awarded many achievements in local, state, and regional competitions. 

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  • Director: Dr. Chris Brown  
    The Foley High Choral Department offers four different classes for interested singers. Choir 1 (beginners) is split for the male or female singers. Beginning in the 10th-grade students can explore other groups by audition including Advanced Women’s Choir or Concert Choir (Mixed).


  • Sponsor: Logan Lane Email: 
    The Foley High School Theatre program is dedicated to providing a wide variety of opportunities for students to participate in and be exposed to great theatre!
    We are looking forward to showing you all the wonderful things we are doing to keep the performing arts alive and well in Foley. It is our mission to ensure that students have a wide array of opportunities to experience and appreciate the joy of theatre. We do not take this mission lightly. We strive to produce high-quality theatre that students can be proud of. Our goal is to provide a safe space for students to grow, learn, and take risks.
    Studies have shown that theatre education has many positive benefits for students. Theatre helps students in the following areas: improving social and emotional well-being, promoting critical thinking, fostering creativity, teaching leadership skills, building confidence, developing professionalism, and positively impacting student literacy. The students NEED this program. We encourage you to support our program. By doing so, you will be impacting the lives of students in remarkable ways!

Piano 1-3

  • Sponsors: Dr. Chris Brown, Mr. David Samuel  Email:,

    Foley High School students are privileged to have one of the finest keyboard lab facilities in South Alabama. Students can enjoy the advantages of a small classroom instructional setting while working with some of the finest music education specialists in our area. The Yamaha LC4 lab module provides headsets with microphones for communication and instruction either individually or as a group. Student Chromebooks can be connected to the keyboard for additional training and/or compositional instruction.

Trombone Choir

  • Sponsor: Michael Roy Email:

    The Foley Trombone Choir provides a musical outlet specifically for trombone players. The group meets once per week, after school, and features a variety of musical styles and creative opportunities for the students. The ensemble performs at local concerts and community events.


  • Sponsor: Michael Roy  Email:

    Foley High School offers Guitar I, II, and III, classes for any student interested in learning how to play. Students learn how to read and perform utilizing traditional notation, chords, and tablature, music. Students do not need to have prior musical experiences and all guitars are provided.

Music Production and Engineering (MPE)

  • Sponsor: Jimmy O'Cain  Email:

    This is the music program's newest section. This program is dedicated to learning the functions and applications of music and audio production in live and studio recording formats.

Foley Steel: Foley High School Steel Band

  • Sponsor Name: Jimmy O'Cain Email:

    This was the first Steel Band in Baldwin County and the first High School Steel Band in the state of Alabama. This prestigious group has performed all across the state for various events.

Visual Arts

  • The Foley High School Visual Arts Program aims to allow students to use different mediums while also exploring their creative thought processes.  Students are introduced to art techniques, vocabulary as well as art history.

    Beginning students take Art 1.  Students who want to continue with more in-depth studies take Art 2.  Students who are interested in possibly pursuing the arts in a later career can choose to take Art 3 and 4.

    Student art is displayed in school and community exhibits as well as in art contests.