• SCHOOL YEAR 24/25

    General registration for the 24/25 school year will open on July 16 at noon.  At that time, you will be able to create an account if you need one, add children to your current account, and register for 24/25.  

    Go to

    Students must meet eligibility criteria to attend the AfterSchool Care programs.  The requirements for student eligibility are that each student: 

    • Be enrolled in a traditional setting/classroom within the Baldwin County Public School System. 
    • Be able to respond to first name. 
    • Be fully toilet trained. 
    • Be able to interact with other children and adults in a non-aggressive manner.  Should a child be a danger to himself or others, he/she may be dismissed from the program. 
    • Be able to participate in group activities with other children with minimal additional adult support. 

     Registration for Summer 25 will open the last two weeks in February of 2025.  Watch this site and our Facebook/Instagram accounts for more information.