• Thank you for your interest in working in Baldwin County's AfterSchool Care program!

    AfterSchool Care, through Baldwin County Public Schools, offers tuition-based care beyond the school day for PreK through 6th grade students enrolled in Baldwin County Public Schools.  ASC serves 26 sites in elementary schools all over Baldwin County.  Hours of operation are from 2:30 to 5:30, three sites are open until 5:45.  If you are interested in working, we have flexibility within those hours and with the number of days per week that you can work. 

    The ASC application is in two parts:  first is the ASC application found below, and second is approval through the BCBE Human Resources (HR) department to obtain a sub card & employee number.  The sub card and employee number are critical as we have no way to pay you without the employee number.  Once ASC receives the ASC application, we will direct you to HR to complete the sub card process, which involves fingerprinting and a background check.  The whole process can take two or more weeks to complete.

    This part-time work does not include benefits, but below is the hourly pay rate based on your education level:

    • $19 per hour - certified teacher (with limited additional opportunities for tutors and interventions at higher hourly rates)
    • $18 per hour - four year college graduate
    • $17 per hour - two year college graduate or currently enrolled college student
    • $16 per hour - high school graduate or GED obtainer
    • $15 per hour - currently enrolled BCBE student, 15 years or older

    Please complete the survey at THIS LINK, and we will be in touch.

    To see the sub card process and begin filling out the forms, click HERE to go to the HR page explaining the sub card process.  

    Below are downloadable versions of the ASC applications.  If you are interested, you can complete the application below and email it to jhelms1@bcbe.org.  High school students interested in working should complete both the high school application and the high school packet and email to jhelms1@bcbe.org.

ASC Applications