Getting Started

  • First and foremost, welcome! We are so happy to have you with us this year. Please know that the BCVSS teachers and staff are working diligently to make sure you have excellent courses ready to go as quickly as possible. Your education and well-being are crucial priorities for us.

    This message is lengthy but please read through it in its entirety. There are a number of detailed instructions below to help you get started with your classes regardless if you are a new or returning student.

    Students who would like to attend will be required to meet the following criteria for BCVSS.

    • Live in Baldwin County.
    • Acquire consistent Internet access.
    • Attend class daily in accordance with the Baldwin County school calendar by logging in to your Chromebook and Schoology.
    • Take all tests, exams and mandated testing at a BCVSS testing site unless otherwise directed.
    • Read and respond to email, text or other communications from BCVSS staff.
    • Have appropriate transportation to the testing site for any mandatory event.
    • Keep contact information updated.
    • Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and maintain this requirement while enrolled in BCVSS.
    • Be on track for graduation if applying for 10th-12th and have standardized test score showing on grade level, for 9th grade.
    • Accumulate no more than 9 unexcused, full-day absences during the current school year.
    • Remain in good standing as a student of BCVSS, any discipline infractions resulting in suspension or expulsion will be reviewed and students can be disquieted for entry or dismissed from enrollment.

    Baldwin County Virtual Secondary School is rigorous and requires students to be self-paced and driven to get their work accomplished.  Successful virtual students are motivated, self-disciplined, and communicate effectively through digital means.  We use a strong academic curriculum developed and taught by Alabama state certified teachers, offering flexibility for students to complete their Alabama High School Diploma requirements at their own pace on their own schedule. 

Exceptions to Enrollment

  • BCVSS understands that there may be medical situations that would necessitate a request to transfer into the virtual program after the application window closes. If your child has a medical situation or documented medical issue which impedes the ability to attend a traditional brick-and-mortar learning environment, you can request to have the application window opened for your child. Remember all required criteria to attend BCVSS will still apply to medical waivers.  If you are apllying from ourside of the BCBE System, we will need a copy of your child transcript to review for consideration.

    Two documents are required along with the waiver form:

    1. Doctor’s letter with explanation of severity of situation and request for virtual school.
      1. The letter should be from the child’s primary or specialist doctor and should be written on letterhead from the physician’s office.
      2. Notes written on prescription pads will be deemed inappropriate.
    2. Parent’s letter explaining why you feel that virtual school is the best option for your child’s situation.

    **IMPORTANT: Your waiver will NOT be processed UNTIL the Doctor's letter / medical records are sent and the waiver packet is complete. **

    When the waiver packet is reviewed by the committee, the eligible student and parent will be sent the application form to complete.  Students who meet the enrollment criteria will be enrolled in BCVSS as soon as is feasible.  The medical waiver and application process takes approximately two weeks.  While the medical waiver and application are in process, students are expected to continue attending their current school.  Any missed days during this process will accrue as absences.

    Use the following link to access Waiver Request Form. Waiver Request Form


    Please ensure that you are obtaining these: (1) the doctor’s letter with explanation of severity of situation and request for virtual school and (2) a parent letter explaining why you feel that virtual school is the best option for your child. Your waiver will NOT be processed unless the above documents are emailed to within 10 business days of the Waiver Request Form submission.