BCVSS School Counseling Program

  • Baldwin County Virtual School School Counseling Program Mission Statement

    The school counseling program at Baldwin County Virtual School (BCVS) fosters a safe, equitable, and positive culture with high expectations accessible by all students that challenges each student to become college and career ready. The program is comprehensive in nature, with all decisions and delivery being data-driven and research-based. BCVS school counselors lead by example, advocate for all students’ success, and work collaboratively with educators, parents, and community members to support every student as they strive towards independence and their highest academic, social/emotional, and career potential.

    Baldwin County Virtual School School Counseling Vision Statement

    All Baldwin County Virtual School students are college and career ready. They are prepared for success in the 21st century. As independent, motivated, and socially/emotionally sound adults, they seek challenging opportunities and achieve their potential.

    ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards & Competencies

    Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance State Model for Alabama Public Schools 

    Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Plan Baldwin County Public Schools

     BCVSS Comprehensive School Counseling Program Plan

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