• Welcome

    Hello Foley families!

    Welcome to the new school year! The administration, faculty, and staff at Foley Elementary are excited about the many educational opportunities planned for our students this year.  As a Leader In Me school, we will incorporate the seven Leader In Me habits into our school routine. We believe all students have important strengths to share, and we will be learning about ways to develop and share those strengths. As an AMSTI and STEMscopes school, we will incorporate math, science, and technology throughout your student's daily curriculum. As a Scholastic Literacy school, we will provide in-depth instruction to help your student develop their reading skills to the best of their ability. 

    We encourage you to get involved with your child's education here at Foley Elementary. You can get involved in many ways: 

    • Make sure your child completes his/her homework each night.
    • Make sure your child is prepared for school each morning.
    • Check, sign, and discuss your child's folder each night.

    What a privilege it is to be a part of this learning community!