Baldwin County Public Schools Four-Part Academic Success Plan

  • The Baldwin County Public Schools’ Four-Part Plan:

    Your child’s academic success is of paramount importance to the Baldwin County Public School System! Under Mr. Eddie Tyler’s leadership as superintendent, backed by an unprecedented commitment from our Baldwin County Board of Education, we have implemented a four-part academic success plan, which is a holistic academic initiative that is designed to help students, teachers, and administrators be the very best they can be. The four parts to the plan involve improvements in student literacy, helping teachers become more diversified in their instructional techniques, making academic decisions based on real-time data, and assisting administrators with monitoring student achievement within their schools. Each part of the plan is essential and supports the other parts. Implementation of the plan has helped the district become increasingly academically successful, as evidenced by improvement in state-mandated test scores. The Baldwin County Public Schools Four-Part Plan allows all district personnel to be on the same page, to support each other on the journey toward academic improvement, and to focus on what is most important, the educational success of all students.

    BCBE Academic Plan

  • Summerdale Academic Expectations

    We will be guiding students to use growth mindset to reach personal goals of reading and math growth.  They will use Leader in Me principles to set goals based on areas they need to improve.  They will make plans of what they need to do to reach those goals and look at their data from assessments to track their progress toward reaching these goals.  At each data check (using Scantron Analytics), students will look at where they are and decide if they need to continue what they are doing or revise their plans to make progress toward reaching their goals. Teachers will guide students to reach their goals using Guided Reading, as well as strategic and engaging instruction (eMints principles).  Our Curriculum leader will support teachers’ efforts to implement Guided Reading and math programs that support student goals. 

    We have three teachers who are eMINTS certified; Jennifer Carnley (6th grade), Vironica Simmons (1st grade) and Serena Allen (2nd grade). Kasey Harbison (2nd grade) and Dawn Harvey (3rd grade) are just beginning their eMINTS journey. These teachers bring student-centered eMINTS strategies and tools to the entire faculty at our monthly faculty meetings.

    We are also working on the culture of our school to increase students’ feelings of school belonging.  Our staff will set a growth mindset goal to focus on what students can do, not what they cannot, YET, do.  Through staff professional development, strategic and engaging lessons, and providing opportunities for students to practice using their voice through public speaking and positive adult interactions, we endeavor to have a culture that is inviting and conducive to student learning.

    Leader in Me: great happens here


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