• In an effort to ensure equitable and fair grading practices in elementary schools throughout the Baldwin County Public School System, the district has adopted a standard grading format to be used with all students in grades 1-6. All grades earned  by students should reflect the degree to which they have learned and mastered grade level curricular standards mandated by the Alabama State Department of Education.  

    In Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies, teachers will record all assignment grades within two categories: formative assessments and summative assessments. Formative assessments are assignments that students complete as they are learning new information.  Such assignments allow teachers to monitor student understanding of what is taught and to make instructional decisions about what to teach next.  Summative assessments assess student mastery of larger amounts of information.  By way of example, formative assessments might include small quizzes and summative assessments might include unit or chapter tests. 

    In grades 1-6, report card grades will be calculated using the following formats:

    For Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies, students’ graded assignments and assessments will be entered into two broad categories. Please note the weight for each category. 

    Formative Assessments (60%)

    Summative Assessments (40%)


    For English/Language Arts, students’ graded assignments and assessments will be entered into three broad categories.  Please note the weight for each category.  Teachers will post formative and summative assignment and assessment grades within each of the three English/Language Arts categories. 


    Spelling (20%)

    Grammar (40%)

    Writing (40%)


    Grades for Health, PE, Conduct, Music, Art, Handwriting, and Gifted classes will be assessed using performance grades.   These grades will be entered into one category, and assignments will be formative and summative assessments in nature.

    • The following grading scale is associated with performance grading:
    • 100-84.5                    G
    • 84.499 – 69.5           S
    • 69.499- 59.5             N
    • 59.499 – 0                 U


    Please note the grading scale used in all Baldwin County Public Schools :

    A     90-100          B     89-80            C     79-70            D     69-60            F     59 and below