J. Larry Newton Elementary School is a Title 1 School 
       J. Larry Newton Elementary School is located along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay in beautiful Baldwin County just a few miles south of Fairhope, Alabama. The rural community is a tight-knit, family oriented environment which has high standards for education.
       J. Larry Newton Elementary School serves approximately 750 students and is economically and demographically diverse. In 2013, our school met requirements to receive Title I funding and currently approximately 46% of our population are eligible for free/reduced lunch. J. Larry Newton is the only Title I school in the Fairhope feeder pattern.  We are appreciative for Title 1 Funds that allow us to provide additional resources and support staff for our students. Our demographics include 84% Caucasian, 7% African American, 11% of Caucasian populations are Hispanic, 8% Multi-Race, and less than 2% American Indian/Alaskan Native/Asian/Pacific Islander.
       J. Larry Newton SCHOOL-PARENT COMPACTS are sent home at the beginning of each school year.  The School-Parent Compact is posted on this website.  Teacher conferences are held at the request of parent or teacher.  Parents were also able to sign up for conferences at the beginning of the school year at our Open House.  The PARENT INVOLVEMENT PLAN for J. Larry Newton School was sent home with students in March as well as the DISTRICT'S PARENT INVOLVEMENT PLAN.
       J. Larry Newton Elementary School holds an Annual Title 1 Meeting, which was held this year in September.  Many of our Parental Involvement Activities were very well attended this year.  Activities included Meet th Techer, Open House, and Lun an Learn.  Events that we are looking forward to include Parent P.E. Day, Fall Fun Day, Veteran's Day Celebration, Homecoming Christmas, Muffins with Moms. AMSTI Literacy Night, Fall and Spring Book Fair, and the Newton Science Fair to name a few.  Volunteers are always welcome at J. Larry Newton School.  Our active PTO offers many opportunities to volunteer.  Assisting with teacher needs in the classroom is another great way to help out and participate in our school.
       J. Larry Newton's Continuous Improvement Plan allows parents to volunteer to serve on a committee to discuss and improve our school.  Suggestions may also be submitted by email which is posted on our website.  A copy of the 2021-2022 ACIP and School-Parent Compact can be found on our school website.
        The Academic Goals of J. Larry Newton School can be reviewed on our website through the ACIP Summary.  Academic goals for your child, as well as their report card and test scores, can all be discussed with the teacher by requesting a conference either by email, phone message or text.  Services at J. Larry Newton School are far-reaching and include Counseling, Speech Therapy, RTI and Special Education.
       Newton Faculty and Staff consists of seventy-five employees. Forty-eight are certified and highly-qualified teachers who serve our student population. The faculty also consists of one principal and part-time assistant principal. We employ one counselor, a speech pathologist, three special education teachers that use the inclusion model, one self-contained special education teacher in a multi-disabilities classroom, and four special education paraprofessionals. Approximately 50% of our faculty members have advanced degrees and others are working toward that goal.  
       We are very proud of our school staff, students and families.