Car Line Map & Procedures

  • Our morning car line begins each morning at 7:15 a.m. and ends with the homeroom bell at 7:50 a.m. For safety, students arriving after this time should be escorted by an adult to the front door and not simply dropped off at the door.

    Drivers should enter the school grounds at the WEST entrance and proceed in a single line toward the school building. Drivers should then pull forward as directed by school personnel before letting students out of the car. Students may exit vehicles on their own and do not need to wait for personnel to open their doors once their vehicle has come to a complete stop along the sidewalk. Once the student has safely exited the car and is on the sidewalk, the driver may proceed forward around the parking lot and exit on to Co Rd 64 through the MAIN entrance. Please refer to the attached map for the correct traffic flow.

    Students will then proceed down the sidewalk that runs along the exterior gym wall and enter the school building. From there, they should go to the cafeteria for breakfast or sit in the hallway outside their classroom.

    Our afternoon car line is a double line that begins loading at 3:00 p.m. We ask that drivers remain in their vehicles and allow school personnel to load students. If you need to assist your child with buckling up or being secured in a car/booster seat, please pull into a parking stall so that other drivers are not blocked. The route for the afternoon car line is the same as the morning car line. Please refer to the attached map for the correct traffic flow.

    Click Here For Rosinton Car Line Traffic Flow Map