updated 11-12-20

    Congratulations to the Boys and Girls Teams—You are County Champions!


    Thank you so much to ALL the Parents that helped out at the Meet.

    Dividing the meet into 2 sessions meant that we would need twice as many volunteers!

    Thank you to the Parents that were there and worked both sessions—Jon Hemming, Heather Hemming, Kristen Laraway, John Brandon, Mike Mayr, Doug Amare, Nicole Amare, Earnie Case, Jennifer McDowell, Michelle Jenkins and Nicole Gore!...If I left anyone off this list—please let me know! 

    We cannot do it without ALL our Parent Volunteers!

    THANK YOU to Ryan Hymel and Michelle Jenkins for going above and beyond to bring you a better view of the racing as well as a delightful color commentary during the meet.



    1st Place Individual Event—County Champions!

    Lena Amare            200 Free and 500 Free

    Kaleigh Spears      200 IM and 100 Fly

    Stephen Laraway   50 Free and 100 Back

    Trevor Hemming    100 Free

    Elliot Greer             500 Free



     1st Place Relays County Champions!!    (*** ALL State Meet Qualifiers***)

    Girls 200 Medley Relay—Anastasia Newton, Kaleigh Spears, Ella McDowell, Ravenna Brandon

    Girls 200 Free Relay—Ella McDowell, Ally Bailey, Ravenna Brandon, Lena Amare

    Girls 400 Free Relay—Kaleigh Spears, Ally Bailey, Anastasia Newton, Lena Amare

    Boys Medley Relay—Davis Amare, Trent Mayr, Ryan Johnson, Stephen Laraway

    Boys 200 Free Relay—Stephen Laraway, Trevor Hemming, Ryan Johnson Grant Thornton

    Boys 400 Free Relay—Davis Amare, Trevor Hemming, Trent Mayr, Grant Thornton




    State Meet Qualifiers

    Lena Amare                200 Free, 500 Free

    Kaleigh Spears            200 IM, 100 Fly

    Ella McDowell              50 Free, 100 Back

    Anastasia Newton      100 Back

    Davis Amare                200 IM, 100 Back

    Stephen Laraway        50 Free, 100 Back

    Ryan Johnson             100 Fly

    Trevor Hemming         100 Free

    Trent Mayr                   100 Free, 100 Breast

    Cooper Brechman       Diving


    Congratulations Cooper Brechman, our 2020 Pirate State Meet Diver! 

    Cooper Brechman won the 1st Port City Qualifying Dive Meet last Saturday.

    He scored 339 points, he needed 250 to qualify.

    Cooper scored 263.80 points last year at the State Meet. 

    This is a great improvement for Cooper.

    We are excited to see him dive in Huntsville at the 2020 AHSAA State Meet!



    Team Scores               Girls           Boys          Combined

    Fairhope                 577          564          1141

    Daphne                   414          336          750

    Gulf Shores            251          288          539

    Baldwin County     116          146          262

    Orange Beach        60           113          173

    Spanish Fort          77           74            151

    Foley                       56           77            133

    Robertsdale             6           14              20



    Top Team Time Improvements!!

    Hayleigh Sievering               -28.88 500 Free

    Abigail Grieves                     -6.87 200 Free

    Canon Kilpatrick                  -6.37 200 Free


    Team Time Improvements

    Davis Amare                200 IM, 100 free lead-off on 400 Free Relay

    Ally Bailey                     50 Free, 100 Free

    Jack Bailey                    50 Free, 100 Free

    Ravenna Brandon        50 Free

    Brady Brockner             500 Free

    Grayce Brooks              100 Free

    Marlee Calhoun            200 IM

    Anna Madeline Carrick 50 Free

    James Clark Case        100 Fly

    CiCi Darr                       200 Free, 100 Back

    Mary Grace Doucet      100 Breast

    Elliott Esses                  50 Free

    Dean Gearhart              50 Free, 100 Breast

    Elliot Greer                    500 Free, 100 Breast

    Noah Greer                   200 IM

    Abigail Grieves             200 Free, 100 Free

    Trevor Hemming           100 Free

    Ellis Ikerman                 200 Free

    Jaxon Jenkins               50 Free, 100 Back

    Ryan Johnson               100 Fly

    Canon Kilpatrick           200 Free

    Stephen Laraway         50 Free, 100 Back

    Allyson Leon                 100 Breast

    Ella McDowell               50 Free

    Addison McGill             200 Free

    Anastasia Newton        100 Fly, 100 Back

    Alexander Paulson       50 Free

    Alice Raybosh               100 Free, 100 Back

    Ella Raybosh                100 Fly

    Brooke Ryan                 200 IM, 100 Back

    Hayleigh Sievering       50 Free, 500 Free

    Kayleigh Spears           100 Free lead-off on 400 Free Relay

    Trey Street                    50 Free

    Grant Thornton             100 Fly