•    The mission of the School Counseling Program at Magnolia School is to support the school community by developing and integrating a comprehensive guidance program that will assist students in academic, career and personal/social programs. This will allow children to develop a positive sense of self and become effective students, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


    We Believe:

    • All children are valuable and deserve respect.
    • All children can be taught appropriate behaviors and can learn and grow to reach their full potential, if given the right environment.
    • All children learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others.
    • All students should have equal access to counseling & guidance services.
    • The School Counselor is a resource and an advocate for all students, staff, parents and the community.
    • A School Guidance program should be comprehensive in scope, developmental in nature and preventative in design.
    • A School Guidance program should be intentional and include academic, career and personal/social components.
    • Positive relationships between students and adults are the key to student success.