•      We are so excited to be starting this year with each of you at Robertsdale Elementary “Where Every Bear Roars!” We are looking forward to an amazing year of building community and learning from each other, so we can be better than our best. Our goal as educators is to develop the whole child. In doing this, we understand that we have a duty to ensure students receive the best education possible, understand what is expected of them, and that our school and classrooms foster community and leadership so that we can fully engage our students and have them take ownership of their learning. We want students to want to be at school, see the value they bring to the school, and to make the most of their time while they are with us so that they can become productive members of the community one day.

         Our staff consists of amazing individuals, who are committed to our students. I have no doubt that with our dedicated staff and your support, this will be a stellar year for our students as they persevere, progress, and grow into their best self. We know that an integral part of a child’s success at school is the partnership between the parent and school. Your participation in your child’s education is essential to him/her meeting their full potential. Some ways to be involved and included are having open communication with your child’s teacher and making sure your child knows that you are supportive of what is being done in the classroom with academics and behavior, making sure your child is rested and ready to learn each day, and when possible, attend school events.

         It is our responsibility to keep a safe, positive, and encouraging environment for all students and staff at Robertsdale Elementary. When you come to the school, you will notice that the outside doors will be locked. In order to gain access, you will need to show a picture id, identify yourself and who your child is, and let the front office know what the purpose of your visit is. All visitors must sign in and receive a sticker, which must be worn at all times while on campus. If you do not get a sticker and are seen walking the halls by a staff member, you will be escorted back to the front office. If you have questions or concerns this year and cannot locate the answer on our school website or Facebook page, feel free to contact your child’s teacher for guidance. We know that with open communication and a clear direction, your child will have a successful year.

         Robertsdale Elementary School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and consists of pre-kindergarten through grade six. All classes in prekindergarten through grade six classes are heterogeneously grouped and are taught by highly qualified teachers.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Robertsdale Elementary School is to be a caring community school staffed with sincere, dedicated professionals who provide every child with every chance for success everyday. 

Principal Information

  • Dr. Alicia Early   

     Dr. Early  Dr. Alicia Early is a graduate of Auburn University where she earned her bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees, a specialist degree, and her doctorate.  Throughout her educational career, she has worked as a special education teacher and general education teacher in Auburn City Schools and as an administrator in Baldwin County. Dr. Early could not be more honored to work alongside the faculty/staff, parents, and students again this year.  

Assistant Principals Information

  • Mary Catherine Law

     Mrs. Law

         Mrs. Law graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Communications.  War Eagle! She has an Alternative Masters in Elementary Education from the University of South Alabama.  As a teacher in Mobile County and Baldwin County, she taught multiple grades at the elementary level.  She completed her Leadership Certification at the University of South Alabama. She is so excited to be a part of the Robertsdale family.



     Robert Weichert III 

    Image of Mr. Weichert

         Mr. Wiechert received a BBA from the University of Wisconsin in Marketing, a Masters Degree in Education from the University of West Alabama, and a Educational Leadership Certificate from the University of South Alabama. After working many years in the private sector, he was offered an opportunity to work as a special education teacher and coach at Baldwin County High School (BCHS). He hopes to continue to make a positive impact in student's academic achievements and attainment to a life long love for learning. 




School Expectations

  • ACIP (School Continuous Improvement Plan) - ACIP

Safety Message

  • Protecting our students, teachers and employees is my priority. The Baldwin County Public School System has partnered with the Baldwin County Sherriff's Office, the Baldwin County Commission and municipal law enforecment agencies so that ALL our school campuses have a dedicated School Resource Officer each school day. 

    As part of our school system's multi-million-dollar cimmitment to safety, "buzz in" - video identification check is available on each campus. Everyone must follow stated safety procedures. 

    Of note, just because you hear "lockdown", does not necissarily mean there is an emergency on campus. We are sometimes alerted by law enforcement of a concern in the community that prompts us to implement our safety plan. 

    Of supreme importance: if you see or hear something, say something - not on social media - but report immediately to law enforcement, a teacher or school administrator all concerns. School administrators and law enforcement will sort out the validity. Together, we form a partnership that keeps our schools safe. Thank you for being a partner!

    Anthony Sampson

    Director of Prevention and Support


School Resource Officer (SRO)

  • Robertsdale Elementary's SRO

    Image of Officer Powell SRO

         Officer Jacob Powell has worked in Law Enforcement for 14 years. He originally from Louisiana but has lived in Loxley since 1999. He is married to his wife, Samantha, and they have one son, Weston.